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This blog intends to discuss software engineering and considers software architecture as a major concern. Since the term software architecture seems to be a bit overstretched, one may be tempted to consider its use as bumbledom. Several years ago, Martin Fowler made a cynical comment regarding the use of architecture:

“(…) I define architecture as a word we use when we want to talk about design but want to puff it up to make it sound important.“ – Martin Fowler

So we do consider the design of software as an important task. The design is being usually conducted first, before you start with development. Therefore it is also true

“(…) that architecture is the decision that you wish you could get right early in a project, but that you are not necessarily more likely to get them right than any other.” – Ralph Johnson

So how do we make decisions, and how can we become better in making them right? Well, an obvious answer to this question is: Experience! This is the reason, why I do not limit the writing of this block about creating diagrams of nice, interconnected boxes, but also practical knowledge, covering rather the software engineering topic.

The blog serves two purposes. On the one hand, I wish to persist my personal experience somewhere to have it on hand in case I will need it again. In the other hand, this blog intends to share my experience with others. I am also happy to discuss any comment, note or annotation made and look forward to a fertile discussion.

Christoph Emmersberger

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